Love without strings,
and hope without loss,
I grasp for these things,
but they feel so false.

I stare out at the day,
my inner child wants to play,
but I can seize the day,
without feeling the cost.

How can I break these rules & bonds,
I don’t even believe that I have the tools,
The only thing I know how to lose,
The inner me is so, very, lost.

It’s important to find,
the pieces that are mine,
I need to learn that the important piece,
to keep safe…is me.


Parts and planes


I love you,
don’t you see that?
But I have to do this,
to get myself back.
I am broken into parts,
planes of my own existence,
lonely places that beg for light.
A girl who begs for a caress,
a touch to put her back together.
“I can be whole,” I cry,
the pieces are not destroyed.
All the king’s men,
can put me back together again.
I just have to wait, and hold on.



I am 27,
and I’ve never
seen the sun. (in person)

I’ve been locked
in a room
with only one window. (It’s poorly done)

I’m not sure
the picture is real.
I think it’s just a joke. (But, I’m not laughing)

I’ve forgotten that
the outside is real.
It’s just a fantasy. (I’m forgotten)

The Crossroads


Down by the crossroads,
The line has been drawn.

I stand like a sentry,
waiting for dawn.

I tremble like a string,
that has been plucked for the first time.

I can’t stop the breathlessness.
I fear I’m dying.

But the line remains clear,
a bold stand in the way,
protected by its creation,
it holds the boundaries in place.

It doesn’t need me,
but just to exist.

There are times I wonder,
If the line…
and my boundaries
are only a myth.

The Lighthouse


Lost at sea,
I feared I was,

Reached the light,
A glimmer of hope,
Suddenly, I was grounded.

The Wall


The wall seemed insurmountable,
while I felt incapable.
The tension was palpable,
the fear inescapable.

Bound by my own barbed wire,
I felt I was kept safely,
despite being eaten up by the fire,
that grew within me.



Searching in the darkness,
I was afraid.
Looking for an escape,
but none to be made.
Wandering around,
I came to find,
The darkness’ beginning,
was also mine.