Through the unknown and down the hill,
is where safety will ultimately belong.
Although the path has not been found,
does not mean that it is gone.

Even though I depend on being told the way,
no one can describe the road.
No one knows where I am starting from,
or where the path will go.

I, myself, am not even on the road.
I am nowhere to be seen.
I do not have the map ahead,
but only know where I have been.


Sometimes, I do
not feel that healthy,
or safety can even exist.

Maybe, I am being,
tricked by the whole world,
or just the world within my head.

Why should I strive,
for an ideal I have
no hope or belief in?

Won’t the loss be,
that much grater
when I reveal the hoax?

I feel that the
despair would kill me,
without any help at all.


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